Cryptocurrency exchange bitTRUST

We are utilizing our many years of experience and connections as system engineers as well as advanced security technology that rivals that of major securities companies to establish bitTRUST (a new cryptocurrency exchange), and our goal is for its high-level security and stable management structure to make it an exchange that can be used long-term without worry.

bitTRUST token uses


If BTR tokens are used to pay transaction fees, it is possible to settle transactions for 50% of the usual fees.


Newly listed coins, etc. will be distributed only to BTR-token owners as airdrops. The volume of distribution will be proportional to the number of BTR tokens held. * The airdrops are not done by the corresponding brands but rather by the management after the corresponding brands are bought for a percentage of the operating profit.

Voting Rights

The specific number has not been determined, but token owners who have a certain number of tokens by the deadline to be announced in advance will be given voting rights related to making important decisions, such as those related to newly listed brand questionnaires and new function selection.


October 2017

Set up a project team including three companies to establish a new exchange

January 2018

Finished the preliminary investigation and tentatively determined the establishment-candidate sites, currencies to handle, etc.

February 2018

Finished raising the minimum required budget of 100 million yen

March 2018

Opened an ICO website for limited viewers

April 2018

Opened the website to the public and started posting to social networking services

May 2018

Start end of the presale for the general public

June 2018

Establishment of the exchange



Tsuyoshi Kihara

E-E-NET Inc. President & Representative Director

1991 to 2006: Handled development-technology research and intellectual-property-related work (mainly patents) at Nintendo Co., Ltd.

2006 to present: Manages the IT-related company E-E-NET Inc.

2006 to present: Established and currently manages a Chinese subsidiary

2009 to present: Consulting for small & medium-sized companies as well as start-up companies

2010 to present: Runs a manager workshop to support small and medium-sized companies

2011 to present: Vocational training project lecturer

2015: Temporary lecturer at Tamagawa University

2016 to present: Director of the Japan Association for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Companies (NCHK), Representative Director of Osakikamijima HAMAOKA Co., Ltd.


1991: Graduated from the Ritsumeikan University Department of Science and Engineering

2007: Obtained an MBA (Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Business Administration)


Mamoru Nakamura


Jeong Sung Wook



The bitTRUST development project is handled jointly by the three companies below.

E-E-NET Inc.

Established in 2005, current capital: 35 million yen This company mainly handles IT-network business and application development, and it has a lot of experience related to developing web systems, including online shopping.


Xmerce Convergence Co.

Established in 2003. This company is involved in businesses including SK Telecom’s Gifticon, the e-coupon system, Lotte Mart “smart coupon system” mobile coupons, South Korean smart card Alipay—Mpass T money development/operation, and Seoul National University of Education mobile student ID service, and the company has achieved a variety of results in South Korea.



Established in 2013. This system development company has 130 employees and a total of five offices in Japan and Vietnam. The company has achieved results related to many development languages, and its diverse business fields include everything from medical systems to E-commerce.